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Cyprus By Bus

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This is the official mobile application of Cyprus by Bus which provides information about the public transport buses in Cyprus. The information provided includes all the bus operators in Cyprus such as EMEL (Limassol), OSYPA LTD (Paphos/Pafos), OSEL (Nicosia), Zinonas Buses (Larnaca), OSEA (Famagusta), Limassol Airport Express, Cyprus Intercity Buses and Kapnos airport shuttle.
Information including buses and their routes, bus stops, time schedules for buses, bus fares and bus stop search can be accessed offline.
While connected to the internet you can log in to your Cyprus by Bus user account and synchronize your saved bus stops, bus routes and journeys with what is saved on your mobile device.
We do appreciate any form of feedback you can provide us with relating to the service we provide. In case you have any suggestions, recommendations or if you have spotted any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.
Features of this application include:
- Browse Bus routes available by city or operation - Browse Bus Route details including - Maps - Bus Stops - Time Schedules - Save bus route to your favorites
Bus Stops - Search for Bus Stops - Display location of bus stop on map - Display connection routes to bus stop - Save bus stop to your favorites
Journey Planner - Plan your journey between two bus stops - Save a journey to your favorites
Cyprus by Bus Account - Connect to your Cyprus by Bus Account - Register a new account - Synchronize your saved bus routes, bus stops and journeys
Other information provided - Buses ticket fares - Contact details for operators